DEO projects is an independent contemporary art platform based in Chios island, Greece.

It cultivates a programme premised on interventions that take the form of commissions, exhibitions, public programmes, or residencies.

DEO projects aims to support and facilitate collaboration between invited and local artists, cultural practitioners, and communities by sharing skills, knowledge, and perspectives.

Based on values of care, trust, and collaboration, DEO projects is dedicated to fostering artistic vision, reaching new audiences, and challenging existing practices.

Located in Chios, the non-profit-organisation will gradually unfold the multi-layered historical, social, and cultural landscape of the North-eastern island in the Aegean sea. Chios constitutes the primary resource, partner, and driving force for DEO projects.

DEO projects was founded by Akis Kokkinos in 2021.

          Meet the team         

Akis Kokkinos
Founder & Director

Akis Kokkinos is a Greek curator, living between London and Chios island. Akis has worked for major cultural institutions in the UK and Greece, private collections, as well as independent projects. He studied the MA Curating contemporary art at the Royal College of Art (2018-2020) fully funded by the NEON scholarship, the Schilizzi Foundation, and the RCA continuation fund. Akis' practice is focused on ways to disrupt the 'objective' and institutional by introducing or supporting other less appreciated and recognised forms of knowledge. Through multidisciplinary discourses, eco-feminist, non-western approaches, and other non- rational thoughts and philosophies, his practice focuses on the less spoken, invisible or liminal.

©Linn Phyllis Seeger

Luiz Guilherme Rodrigues
International Relations

Brazilian-born and London-based Luiz Guilherme Rodrigues (b.1991) has a strong background in business development across diverse fields such as art, fashion and hospitality. Having lived and worked in different countries, and having nurtured a particular strong interest for foreign languages, Luiz joins DEO projects building bridges between the different collaborators that contribute to the development of DEO projects programme. As of 2020, Luiz oversees the international outpost of Dan Galeria, an established Brazilian art gallery specialised in both Modern and Contemporary art, and thus contributing to his enduring commitment to multicultural and impactful projects.

©Carla Costelini

Costas Kazantzis
Digital Presence

Costas focuses on using 3D Design and XR to reshape the way fashion and art content is disseminated. His background lies at the intersection between fashion media production, visual communication, and computer science, and his collaborations, include Microsoft, diptyque paris, Ars Electronica, Kering, etc. Through his work, Costas provides insight into how emerging media can shape new ways of engaging with diverse audiences within the arts and fashion ecologies. As a Creative Technologist at London College of Fashions' Fashion Innovation Agency, Costas develops proof of concepts for 3D, AR, and VR and creates visuals, renders, and animations to visualise and communicate ideas to diverse partners. He is also an Associate Lecturer at LCF School of Media and Communication.


©Linn Phyllis Seeger

Chios island, Greece