2022 Programme 

May - August 2022
Chios island, Greece

DEO Projects is pleased to present the 2022 programme which is dedicated to the transnational nautical histories, the unknown oceanic landscape and the sea-linked commerce. Departing from the rich maritime culture and heritage of Chios, DEO inaugurates an on-going research around nautical life and our relationship with the sea. Greek and international artists are invited to engage with the island’s histories, bring their own perspectives and experiences, and develop new bodies of work. These will be explored and presented through the 2nd edition of Commission Series and other projects and events.

The programme, consisting of exhibitions, live events, interventions in the public sphere, local maritime collections, and educational activities will be presented across the island in various locations, from early July till the end of August 2022.

Participating artists: Dominique White, Serapis Maritime, Rowdy SS

Opening weekend: 8-10 July 2022
           Serapis Maritime / Untitled           

Serapis Maritime

Public art intervention at Vigla of Pachi

8 July & 8 August

A public sculpture-video projection on Vigla of Pachi: for the first time the stone body of the imposing watchtower is used in the present and transformed into a work of art.

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           Rowdy SS / Balance          

Rowdy SS


Live Performance

Vigla of Pachi Open Air Theatre
Tigani, Sidirounta
Friday 8 July 19:30

The British performer Rowdy SS presents a new version of his work Balance: a dance-sound-visual improvisation, a study in the uses of space. The question he poses is how we use space and how, in turn, the space uses us.

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           Commission Series x 2022          

Dominique White 
Commission Series

(Under) studies in Non-Description

Old Horse Stables of Choremiko
20 Kontogianni Street
Chios city

9 July - 20 August
Tuesday to Friday 11:00 - 14:00 and 18:00 - 21:00
Saturday 11:00 - 16:00

May - August 2022
Chios isand, Greece

For the second cycle of the Commission Series programme, DEO projects invited the Marseille-based artist Dominique White to research on, develop, and exhibit a new body of work. The artist stayed in Chios for a 2-month period to explore the island's maritime histories and work towards her first presentation in Greece in the form of an exhibition.

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           Liquid Grounds          

Serapis Maritime
Liquid Grounds

Seamanship of Lagkada Cultural Space
Agia Irini, Lagkada
10 July - 21 August 
Wedensday to Sunday 19:00 - 21:00

The exhibition Liquid Grounds, co-curated by Eleni Boumpari and Akis Kokkinos, brings together testimonies, photographic material and objects from the maritime collection of Lagkada with contemporary artworks by the art collective Serapis Maritime.

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Chios island, Greece